Sunday, September 10, 2006


Our trip to Georgia was very eventful - we ran out of time for the things we wanted to do :-).

We arrived on Thursday night at around 11pm and Aunt Sue was ready and waiting! We settled in for the night pretty quick and got up the next morning to breakfast casserole and homemade bread. YUMMY! Then we headed to the Georgia Aquarium. It was very fun and not very crowded at all!!! Riley's favorites were the whales (the whale sharks are the largest - there's a picture of those, there are two swimming together and then the beluga whales were cool too)! His least favorite were the spider crabs - they were a bit icky, but I had to take a picture anyway. I'm sure you can guess which picture they are!

The saddest thing we learned is that Chillean Sea Bass is on the brink of becoming endangered, so we shouldn't eat it anymore. Sadness!!! It was very fun and I would recommend it to anyone! I've posted some of the highlights of the aquarium - the leafy seadragon was way cool! It looked just like seaweed! In the first picture Riley is standing in front of thousands of jellyfish - ick! The second picture is Jason holding Riley - what you can't see is that there is a scuba diver on the right of Jason who is cleaning the big tank. Riley didn't like that too much at all!

We then headed home for a 2 hour nap, after eating at the Sweet Tomato (I think that was the name...). It was delicious and had soft serve ice cream!!!

After nap we headed to the Atlanta Braves vs. Chicago Cubs game. WOW - I really wasn't expecting to be in awe as much as I was. I have been to a Cincinnati game and a game in Chicago, but never have I been enterained so much during innings as we were at Turner Field. There were so very many giveaways, competitions, etc. that Riley never once asked to go and actually didn't want to leave at 10pm! He really got in to the Tomahawk too!

Saturday we got up a bit late and Sonda and Mason came to visit. After nap time we headed downtown to shop at IKEA. The shop was so big that Jason, Riley and I had to ask for directions to know how to get upstairs. It was crazy! We bought some small items, but nothing big!

After IKEA, we ate at On the Border and it was yummy, yummy, yummy! We got our usual favorite and we weren't disappointed. Sure wish the one in Lexington was still open!

We went back to Aunt Sue's, went to bed, and got up and started packing for the trip back home. We were all very surprised that Riley did so good traveling. We didn't even have to watch one movie - he was a jewel!

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