Monday, March 27, 2006

Just wanted to quickly post some pictures of Riles. Jason found these Merrell shoes at Marshalls - mom you'll be proud! Aren't the Merrells the ones that you wear around the house all the time???? :-)

Here's Riles being silly, silly. We've laid low today b/c we're all stuffy from playing outside yesterday. Too much of a good thing isn't good.

The chilled out picture is one of the boys watching Shark Tale. Too cute!!! Hope you all have a great day!


pottsfamily said...

We love these pictures. Great. Caroline thinks the first one of Riley with the silly eyes looks like Nick. Give him hugs and kisses.

barfamilyblog said...

McKenna told me today that she misses her cousin. Then she asked me if I missed my cousin! Hehe. I told her I sure did miss my sister....=0(
Gonna try to call you tomorrow. Afraid it is too late tonight.