Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well, sadly enough we had to have the air conditioner guy come over and do a freon check on the AC. Happens every year - of course on the hottest day of the spring! Anyway, he was this nice man from Zimbabwe - and had the neatest accent... So, I admit, I was making conversation just to hear him talk!!! ha!

However, he said something that has stuck with me. He had asked me a question and in order to answer that question, I needed to talk to Jason. I knew he was in a meeting, but I tried him anyway. Voicemail. So, I said, "Well, let me try and text him, sometimes he is able to check those even in his meetings." Lovely accent man replied, "Oh, man, why is everyone texting so much? I guess, though, in this situation, it really is beneficial... however, you know what makes me so sad?

It's when people text and drive. Seriously? Is anything that important that they can't wait? Putting their life in danger is one thing, but putting MINE in danger for a silly text is another."

How true is that??? I remember promising my mom that I would NOT text and drive and I have kept that promise - HOWEVER, I admit that I do sometimes start texting at a stop light before I even come to a complete stop. Now, really. Is it that important?


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