Wednesday, February 17, 2010


today is a sweet day for me - today is the day that my sister was born, oh, some 25 or so years ago :o). it's an even more special day for me knowing that she is someone that i truly love and am so grateful for!

Thank you sister, for...

*loving me unconditionally

*challenging me spiritually

*showing me states i have never seen (:o)

*hugging on my kids

*providing me with 4 sweet nieces

*including me in your life

i never want to take you for granted. i love you dearly!!!

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DonaldsonFamily said...

What a sweet post Melanie. It is certainly from one sweet and wonderful sister to another sweet and wonderful sister...the Birthday Girl! It was a wonderful thing God helped us pick a house on Greenwood Drive those years ago....what a blessing your family is to us!