Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hey guys! I just had to post because two of the boys, Jason and Riley, are at at Monster Truck tractor show and I just think it's funny! Jason just sent me this picture!!!

Doesn't that just make you laugh??? I love it!

While I'm here - we had such a GREAT time in Idaho with DD and the girls. My boys were so SPOILED - over and over and over again. They just LOVE their cousins so very much :-). We took lots of pictures and I posted them on facebook - sure wish there was an easy way to import them here. Well, for all I know, there is an easy way, but I just don't know how to do it. If you do, please leave and note and tell me how!!!

Here are a few...

Reed enjoying stickers on his face!

Sara Kate doing the same! :-)

Sara Kate posing in one of the dresses DD and I used to wear - oh yea, we were stylin'!

Sara Kate and Reed longing to get outside in the snow!!!

Anna B and Riley cuddling in the comfy rocking chair!

The clan watching Tinkerbell, was it??? Oh, and check out that Leigha... for those of you that haven't seen her, she is knock out gorgeous - and her sweet presence is the best. Now, I'm sure she shows some attitude at times, but man, she is such a good buddy to have!!!

And we will end the pictures on a sweet one - we found them this way in the back living room. Riley was "reading" Sara Kate a book!!! Priceless!

I also wanted to ask you all to pray for a sweet family in our life group. The mother of one of our members has been through the treatment for ovarian cancer recently - had a clean bill of health and was trucking right along... until around Christmas. She was having trouble with her bowels and was admitted to the hospital. While there, they removed a large section of her colon and her omentum. Both came back from pathology as cancerous. The doctors have asked her to concentrate on just getting better from the surgery and that they would talk treatment plans after that. So, that is what they have been doing. Yesterday, however, she began getting very nauseous and she started throwing up. She is now at the ER and they are going to admit her because they could not determine what was causing the nauseousness. So, please lift up Lannie in your prayers - she is facing an uphill battle and is very discouraged and wondering if she will ever feel normal again. I KNOW that you all prayed for Ruth while she was in Austria, so I'm asking the same for Lannie. Thanks to you prayer warriors. It sure does make a difference!

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The Barfield's said...

talk about a post that runs the gamut of emotions! monster truck show CRACKS ME UP! pictures from your visit seem decades ago, could it be less than 2 weeks???? and as for Lannie, I am so sad and sorry. we will be praying. please update with news....
miss you TERRIBLY.