Sunday, December 07, 2008


hello all! it has been quite a bit since i posted last!!! i've been busy reading my sister's blog though - if you haven't read it... do! it's so good! she has been listing all the things that she and her family are thankful for - beginning with the letter A and going through the alphabet! pretty stinkin cool! Click to the left over there and sit down for a spell to read!!!

we have been doing well. jason is still working on that job in sacramento - man, it's a doozie. that's all i want to say about that. riley is enjoying school - his favorite part of the day is playing outside. what else??? :-) reed is growing like a weed and soooo trying to put a complete sentence together. he talks and talks and talks and looks at you like you should understand what he is saying. if i don't understand, i look at riley and he seems to always have the correct interpretation. can someone explain that to me??? :-) priceless!!!

wanted to share a few pictures... the first is a sweet, sweet picture that we took of the boys walking down to the creek. we are longing for a warm enough day to go on an adventure!!!

uncle steve - do you recognize that jersey? it's one you bought for riley when he was reed's age! precious!

this other picture is of riley's FIRST drawing of a stick person. he is just now ENJOYING to sit down and color/write/draw. before he just wanted to cut, cut, cut!!! this was a drawing of his cousin, anna brooke. sorry anna b, you never got it b/c he colored it with a very dark sharpee and you couldn't see the drawing anymore :-(. i was so sad!

that's about it from here. we had a good thanksgiving and we have so very much to be thankful for. i don't know about you all, but we are being bombarded in every direction about how americans (most of us) are so focused on material things. is there a reason that i have about 20 pairs of shoes in my closet? why do the boys have so many toys that we just don't know where to put them all? it's a bit ridiculous, so, we're going to be re-evaluating the way we do things - even a small change would make my heart feel so much better. i pray that god is tugging on your heart - there are so many out there that need a little bit of jesus and perhaps if we aren't trapped by our "things" we could be a better voice...

love you guys!

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Sheryl said...

So glad to see that you have posted. I missed reading what is going on. Love the pictures.