Sunday, June 29, 2008

bondingWITHbarfields :-)

Hello all! Some of you have requested a little bit of an update, so here goes! It's not going to be a short one :-).

We have been having a great time with DD and the girlies. I do seriously think that Riley thinks he now has some sisters!!! Here are a few pictures of what went on while DD, Sara Kate, and Anna B were here with us in Lexington. Reed loves having a little one around to chase and hit - yes, he's quite the agressive one! They are too cute together though!!!

This is a picture of the awesome train that Anna B built. However, how are you to keep that train in one piece with two kids under two in the house? UMMM, we had to barricade the room, serioulsy. It lasted for about an hour and then it was demolished. She did such a great job - it's not that easy to do!

We have also had a few pets this go around... Our neighbor brought over a land turtle that their dogs found and he is officialy named Turtlee (very original, I know). This turtle is a trooper! Reed has decided that it's fun to pick him up and scoot him around the floor like he's a car. Poor thing! He has even made the trip to BG and now back to LEX for the release that will occur in the morning. I bet he'll be so glad to be back to nature! OH, and the other turtle is a turtle jason spotted while mowing... it's a soft shelled turtle like we found last year and blogged about :-).

We have had a great amount of dressing up... check out this cute picture!

and this one!!!

Even the little ones had to get in on the dress up action!

Anna B has also been doing a lot of drawing and here is what I found one night - it's a portrait of Jason and me. So cute!!!

okay, now the next few pictures are not for the tender stomach... we had an odd day at the creek yesterday...
1. riley caught a fish (many of you know the depth of the creek, so this was a feat in itself!)
2. they found a crazy looking spider (not poisonous!)
3. they found a squirrel skull
4. they found a leech (not the blood sucking kind though)

Phew, how is that for a day??? We are all doing well and are so thankful that we are getting to spend this much time with the barfield clan. Hope you all are doing well!!! OH, and for some more pictures, check out the link to muri's blog :-). she got some good ones!!!



beth spray said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! i have been checking daily for a glimpse of all the fun! i am so thankful you are all together and having so much fun! i HATE that we didn't get to make the trip - tears have fallen often just thinking about it!!! please give big hugs out for me!!!! love you all more than you know!!!

Dana said...

the pics are precious!
the details of the creek critters i could do without. seeing the skull in person i could have REALLY done without!! HEHE!!