Saturday, March 22, 2008


hello all!
it has been awhile since a posting, so i'll catch you up on the happenings here...
reed so enjoyed his birthday cake - he wasn't timid at all about devouring it - check it out!!!

riley has started t-ball and so far he loves it!!! his daddy is just trilled :-). he does GREAT hitting the ball, we just need to work on the catching part! here he is in his practice garb... it's just the cutest thing - jason went out and bought him a bag to carry to practice - in the bag are socks, bat(s) - yes, that is plural, glove(s) - yes, that is plural as well - snacks (riley put them in there), batting helmet, and of course a change of shoes after the practice/game is over. jason is priceless!!! OH, and there is a link to his schedule on the right hand side... check it out - we'd love for you to show up!

some of his favorite outfit combinations :-).

and yesterday was soooooo beautiful, we were outside most of the day! reed and i actually got a little red in the face :-). this is a picture of his new neighbor friend anna. she is just precious and riley enjoys playing with her so much!

and i almost forgot - our annual st. patricks day cookie baking :-). thank you for keeping that tradition going ruth!

that is all for now. we are getting ready to have some quiet time before our easter service tonight at church.

may God bless you this easter!!!!


The Barfield's said...

YAY! thanks for the pics! we miss you. have a happy happy easter. and don't get sunburned!

Kristina said...

Thanks for the update and pictures. I'll have to check out the schedule, K