Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Jason goes in the bathroom and finds McKenna AND Riley in the bathroom...

Jason says, "Hey Riley, are you finished?"
Riley says, "Yep." Meanwhile he is getting off the potty. Riley then says, "We're just talking back here."
Jason says, "What are you talking about?"
Riley says, "We're just talking about boo-boos and stuff."
McKenna says, "Yeah, know why we're staying back here in the bathroom? Because just in case I need to go to the bathroom we're going to stay here so I can make it to the potty."

They've been sitting back there for hmmm, 15 minutes or so and they are just talking - seriously, about boo-boos. Such fun memories!

Ok, well they must have been all out of boo-boo talk, b/c this is how I found them when I was going back to evesdrop on their conversation!


Sampsons said...

love the pictures. this is the first i've been to anyone's blog... just taking a break from feeding :)
eek-- i just heard a squeal. looks like it's time to feed again! we look forward to seeing you soon, but i'm SO SO glad you get to spend all this quality time with your sis. give all the girls (and guys) hugs from the sampsons!

Sampsons said...

Have you ever seen these?
Our neighbor ordered some for her daughter and they are TOO cute. i was going to order some for lauren clay, but they only go to 24 mos. guess we'll have to order some for ty (although his tiny feet still look silly with shoes on!) By the way-- we've LOVED the tiny sleepers you let us borrow. they are the perfect size!!