Saturday, October 20, 2007


Just wanted to do a quick post b/c I had some funny pictures! The first one is of Riley in his CARS costume - he has worn it for two days straight in this picture. Hilarious! :-) Doesn't it look like he is in a commercial or something?

Also wanted you all to see our praying mantis that we caught a few nights ago. It was stuck in a spider's web, so we didn't want it to be eaten, so we saved it! We gave it a worm like we did a few summers ago at Nanny and Papa's (Barfield gals, do you remember that?) but this one must not have a hankering for worms! He even turned for the camera!

Here is a picture of Riley in his UK attire - he didn't want his picture taken, can you believe it? You know what that expession reminds me of??? Those of you that were at our wedding - it's Jason's face when John Carmon (the photographer) was trying to get him to smile... HA!

Also, Reed may be small, but he can still wrestle his brother. This just cracked me up - they were having such a good time!

OK, and now, last but not least, this is for LEIGHA BARFIELD (DD, can you show this to her and post her response?). It would be great if you all would respond too. We have this book of questions, "Zobmondo!!" and Leigha and I spent hours reading through the book and asking each other questions. We found it the other day and Jason and I have laughed and laughed. So, here are two questions for you...

*Would you rather?*
Chew the beak off a chicken
bite the legs off half a dozen mice?

*Would you rather?*
Never have people take you seriously
always have people think you are no fun?

HEHE - that first one is gross, I know, but fun to find out what you think! Hope you all have a good weekend!:-)


The Barfield's said...

Cara says: 1) beak
2)never take her seriously
Leigha says the same.
AnnaB says the same.
And so do I. Who wants to be no fun?
And way to go Reed, I hope you tooted on his head too! =0) use what you got buddy, use what you got!

Silly Granny said...

I will try this again:>) Beak and try not to be serious all the time!

Now we are still praying for your whole family especially Reed. Sure will be waiting to hear that he is going to be ready to eat Christmas dinner. David Barield had a similar condition when eating baby food over forty years ago. The barium shake clean him out good and we had no more problems.