Friday, October 26, 2007


Well, it's offical - it now feels like fall here in Lexington. I am loving it!!! So, because of the colder weather, we had to get down all the clothes we had for Riley to go through them for Mr. Reed. In the meantime, pack up those clothes that were too small the Reedster... so, I found these overalls and I wanted to take a picture with Reed like I did for Riley - wow, they continue to look so, so different but still so, so sweet!

Wanted to give you all an update on Reed... the doctor called this afternoon and told me that all three biopsies came back normal - YEAH!!! That means that Reed doesn't have any crazy allergies that are causing the vomiting to occur, and it could mean that he doesn't have acid reflux at all. I need to have more clarity on that issue though, so I'll ask about it on Monday. We've started giving Reed all the table food and baby food he wants - in the hopes that he won't want as much milk. As long as I don't give him milk (or any liquid) I've found that the solid food stays down much better. Now, it still will come up some, but it's normal kind of spit up. I'm ALL FOR THAT! So, we go on Monday at 1:30 for them to do the upper GI and look for a malfunctioning pyloris. I'll keep you updated. Thank you so much for your prayers...

Jason headed to Portland, TN today because his grandfather, Pepa, is not doing too well. Pepa was such an influence in Jason's life when he was young - and really helped shape Jason in to who he is today. So, please, keep the whole Uhls family in your prayers as well. Pepa has fought long and hard and is very loved by so many!!!

Just one more picture for you all b/c I think it's the cutest - Ruth stopped by the other night to check in on us and ended up staying for "game night" with the Uhls'. Check out her expression - she was so scared the monkeys were going to fall off the tree!!! LOVE IT! Also, DD, check out the way Riley is sitting - he does it still!

We also got to hear Amy Grant this week at church. Joseph Beth Bookstores sponsored a book signing and we dropped by for a few minutes. Click here for a warming blast from the past... (you will have to click on the play arrow in the upper left hand corner).

Love to you all and for all of you sending encouraging words or stories through mom and dad and dd, thank you all so much!


Mary Beth said...

Oh Mel, so glad for the good news on the biopsies. It just tears me up to think of that sweet, little, smiling baby to have so much to deal with. I bet he is loving that solid food! I'll be praying for more good news (and a resolution) plus prayers for Jason and the Uhls family. We are loving the fall weather, but the ballgame tonight was COLD!

roof said...

Great news about Reed! I will be praying for the appointment today...hopefully you will have an answer soon! He was so cute the other night...always happy. That picture cracks me up! I was SO scared that the monkeys would fall. Riley, Mr. air quote. was so calm. I think it was because he was dressed as Spiderman. I would probably have been brave too! :)