Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just wanted to post some more pictures of the boys! :-)
We all are doing good!!!

This is daddy's big find at Big Lots - it's Riley's fun gift for being such a good big brother. This thing blows up in minutes and folds right down for storage - just the thing for the Uhls household!!!

This is Riley's good friend Silas. They had a full day of playing yesterday and had such a good time. Here they are on the couch eating popcorn and enjoying the movie Peter Pan!

And last but not least, more pictures of Mr. Reed :-).

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pottsfamily said...

Mr & Mrs Uhls you have very handsome boys. I can't wait to jump in the new toy (OOH I might exceed the weight limit). Reed is so very gorgeous, just like RIley at that age, with different hair. MIss you guys!