Friday, July 21, 2006

Well, we've had an eventful couple of days! We're in Lexington visiting Uncle Jason and his treehouse. It's been a favorite of Leigha's - that's for sure. I know where Riley will spend all his time when he's 10!

Yesterday we began with swimming at the tennis club with Madie B. The girls had a good time and it was so very hot. We took Madie B. home with us and they all played outside in the treehouse and the slip and slide. We got some too cute pictures of them on the slip and slide. We ended up putting two together and it was NICE! :-) Riley and McKenna joined in the fun and also love playing in the sandbox - a super hit for McKenna!

The girlies also wanted to have a "spa" - so we used DD's fun scrub stuff and painted their fingernails and toenails. They look gorgeous!!!! We then cooked out yummy chicken and corn on the cobb - delicious! Christy came to pick up Madie B. and then we played some more outside and the girls begged to have a fire (yes, in this heat!) and have smores. SOOO, we let them carry the wood around to the back porch and we had a first - Riley fell IN THE FISH POND while trying to carry his wood. It was so very sad... he was GREEN and BROWN from head to toe - in his eyes and his ears. Gross. So we took him directly to the tub and he and McKenna took a bath. Jason went ahead and made a fire and after we got the kiddos to bed we had a fire and yummy smores!!! AFter filling our bellies we decided to hit the hay - so the big girls went to bed and about 11:30pm Jason and I noticed there were flashing lights outside. Someone had called the FIRE DEPARTMENT. Evidently when the weather is so humid, the smoke settles and someone thought something was on fire. OOPS! Jason told them we had built a fire and that all was well.

What a day!!! Hope everyone is doing well!

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