Friday, May 26, 2006

Wow, sorry it's been so long since we posted - oops!!! :-) I'm sure you're tired of seeing DD and me in our short dresses!!!

We've been able to have Jason home with us some this week. His big bid for Kansas City was due Monday at 5pm, so he's been able to take a little time off since he's been working his tail off (literally, have you seen him lately?)

Had a couple of pictures to share with you - the first is the first day it was warm enough for Riley to run around the yard without a shirt on. He was loving it. We made a "pool" out of the top of a CLEAN garbage can. He had a blast. Here he was posing between the branches of our magnolia tree in the front yard. The next one is his follow through of the two handed forehand. It cracks us up!

These next pictures are of Riley and Jason making some casts with Riley's first fishing pole. I think dad is having some urges to get out and fish, so we're practicing with the little one. He's done pretty good!

I'm just sticking this picture in here b/c I think he just looks too cute with those cut off khacki pants :-). And, last but not least, is the picture of one of the two chipmunks that Riley and Jason caught in buckets on Thursday while I was playing tennis. They were sooo funny! They were baby chipmunks and oh, so very cute!

That's it from here - I do know that we are counting down the days until DD and the girls are here. We are getting so excited for July to come!!! We miss you so very, so very, so very, so very much!

Love to you all!

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barfamilyblog said...

Hallelujah!! No more short dresses! I'll tell you what cracks me up more than the follow through is the HELMET!! McKenna was running around one day in hers and it just made us think of Mike Myers on SNL and the helmet boy!~HA! So sad we won't have a little boy to wear all Riley's cute clothes. =0(