Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sunny Saturday :-)

Got up this morning and made chocolate chip pancakes and we ate them all!!! Yummy, yum, yum! Here's Riley helping out. How many pictures have you seen him standing on that red stool in the kitchen? He loves that spot.

We got to play outside today because it was a warmer day. We even went a swingin' oh and threw about 1 million sticks in to the creek (thanks to his daddy for showing him that little trick). Jason, you'll appreciate this little picture. I caught him doing that little thing with his hand while he's trying to blow up a balloon! hehe!

We went to church tonight and Ruth came over for dinner. Riley was so wild it was crazy. I think he was showing off for Ruth or something.

Not much else to tell - other than we're looking forward to having a knitting lesson with Dottie tomorrow. Hope you all have a nice night and a good Sunday!

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