Wednesday, January 18, 2006

We had a lazy day today, which was very nice! It did snow a bit here, but no accumulation at all :-(. We had a trip to Wal-Mart, the lumber store, then home for naps for the babes. Think Riley is sleeping okay? :-)
Girls came home and Leigha had basketball practice. While Leigha was gone, Anna B got a call from a friend in White House. Here she is talking on the phone - she was so cute! Check out DD's blog for the picture - I think she wanted to wear that sarong (which is my bathing suit cover) to school tomorrow! hehe

DD and Papa had some major work going on in DD's garage - they added some awesome storage for them - check it out!

We were excited that UK had a win - whoo hoo! That was a nice change of events. The whole family is enjoying watching the Austrailian Open - I can't believe that Hingis is making a come back. It was great to see her on the court again! We're now watching Roddick - we'll see if found his mojo. Oh, and what is up with Serena's outfit this year? OUCH - a bit of a fashion fauxpaux in my opinion!

That's about it for Tuesday. We'll keep you updated - don't forget to check out DD's blog. She blogged more than me today!

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